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About the Festival

Smederevo is one of the oldest and most famous Serbian cities. It is settled on the right bank of Danube, 50 km from Belgrade, near firth of the Velika Morava. Smederevo is node of roads which connect North, West and Middle Europe with South and East. Smederevo belong to very old and significant culture of Podunavlje and Pannonia.

In first half of XV century Smederevo became the capital of Serbia, in time when Despot Djuradj Brankovic was the ruler of Serbia. Smederevo was cultural centre of medieval Serbia, opened for important artist (Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Mlecani, Dubrovcani, Poles...). At court in the town of Smederevo the manuscript coping workshop and the school worked. The original music compositions and writings were made. The choirs and silver workshops also existed.

The most important architects of that time built monumental fortress upon the fort in Constantinople.

Poets: A Smederevoۥs orator Smederevac, unknown men from Smederevo and compositor Kir Stefan Srbin left musical and poetical testimony which has high artistic rang.

The town of Smederevo is versed in the world known poetry. About Smederevo, many itineraries were written. Many author of prose wrote about Smederevo, but the poets have made the most beautiful work of art.

Base on the fundament the poetry festival in Smederevo was made in 1970.

In past 37 years the Festival “Smederevoۥs poet autumn” gathered over 1.000 poets from all over the world, and the programs were attended by over 150.000 visitors. The Festival's programs take place in the modern surroundings of the Cultural Centre of Smederevo and medieval atmosphere of Smederevoۥs medieval Fortress.

Beside the most respectable poets which come at the Festival, according to organizerۥs invitation, from all meridians, the chance is given to young, less established authors who participate in Festivalۥs open competition. Also chance is given to authors from native place.


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  Међународни фестивал поезије
Смедеревска песничка јесен

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    International Festival of Poetry
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11300 Smederevo, post box 118, Serbia
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e-mail: sdpesnicka@mts.rs

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